February 21, 2018 7:53 am
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12 Vaporizer Gift Choices This 2017 Holiday Season

Major Holiday sales going down this 2017: Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Cyber Monday. But, don’t forget about CHRISTMAS! TBV is excited to promote some great vaporizer deals this Holiday! *DO NOT FORGET TO USE THE DISCOUNT CODES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS ARTICLE*

If you’ve ever wanted a vape, now is definitely the time! Whether you are looking for something you can use with some concentrates, or just chilling by the fire on a cozy Thanksgiving night with a dry herb vaporizer, we’ve got you covered.

Let us highlight 12 vaporizers or vape pens that we might consider purchasing this holiday season, shall we?

1) Stok Edition One Vaporizer

This vape pen is BRAND new from #ThisThingRips and a very good looking pen indeed. The pen boasts being able to remember your last temperature….but we are not sure why that is a selling feature as most vape pens will remember your last temperature. 🤔 Nonetheless, this pen has three temperature settings. 650, 750 and 800°F. Dual quartz titanium coil’s on two ceramic rods will give you hits that will take you on a safari, from home. It’s lightweight and you can charge it with a micro USB cord. Sleek and elegant.

2) Arizer AIR V2

There is just no doubt that the AIR portable vaporizer V2 is one of the top weed vaporizers in the industry today. A sleek pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer with a glass mouthpiece to give you flavor beyond your wildest dreams. Adjust your temperature to your exact desires. Get the most from your dry herb. And save your money.

3) Yocan Evolve Plus

This concentrate kit has been so popular. Not because it works as advertised and gives you great wax hits in a nice ergonomic package that feels good in your hand with nice machining (although that is great)….but because this kit is one hell of a value. For around $30 you have yourself a world class vape kit.

4) Source Vapes Orb XL V2 Kit

If you are vape connoisseur and want to have it all, then this is the kit for you. The Source Vape Orb XL V2 kit is like the luxury gift for the rich kid who has it all. You will get to choose of all kinds of atomizers that will literally blow your mind….and all the power you will need to power any and all attachments and atomizers. Some say why……..why not?

5) Yocan Evolve

The Yocan evolve kit is probably the best value of ALL kits in 2018. Simply because you get everything you need for wax hits on the go, all for under $25. Dual quartz atomizers that hit beautifully. Start here because it may be all you need. Saving money is great.

6) KandyPens K-Box Vape

The KandyPens K-Box Vape is a monster power vape kit from KandyPens. With a triple coil atomizer and enough power to power any attachment you throw at it, this is a safe bet for chinky eyed smiles this holiday season.

7) Wulf Duo Vape Kit

If you are looking for dual action, meaning liquid and wax, this may be the kit for you. At less than $50 you cannot go wrong with the Wulf Duo. A wonderful warranty and cool box mod style that will fit right in your pocket. Whether it’s CO2 liquid or some fresh squeezed Rosin, you will have it going on this holiday.

8) Pax 3. Matte Colors. Basic and Complete Kits

The Pax 3 now comes in matte colors. You can get it in the basic kit and the complete kit. That’s good because you may or may not need the extra accessories that it comes with. Also giving you 2 price points. The price was also reduced, and for what you get with the Pax 3, it’s well worth it. It’s a bomb vaporizer.

9) The Mighty Vaporizer

I don’t care who you are or where you’ve been, if you have not heard of the Mighty vaporizer you are missing out on life. German made, and still one of the best vaporizers today in 2018. It may be the best. The price is right for what you get….An amazing vaporizer with seriously satisfying hits EVERY. DAMN. TIME. 🙌🏼

10) Smok Alien Kit

This is by far one of the most powerful batteries. Up to 220 W of power gives you WAY more than you’ll ever need for any wax attachment or atomizer. But what’s good to know is that you’ll have enough power to cover your ass all day with hits that will collapse your veteran lungs. This kit comes with an attachment for liquid but you can throw any 510 threaded attachment onto it. Just be sure not to blow your atomizer by using too much power. Start low! Alien is Beast.

11) Yocan Plus XL

This kit is just like it’s little brother the Yocan plus but with this vape you get QUAD COIL action that is literally mind blowing. Not only will the hits and vapor production be crazy but it’s the price that really brings it home. Don’t sleep on this one. Big tings for 2018.

12) Davinci IQ

A total smart vaporizer. LED grid display with amazing loose leaf action. With replaceable 18650 batteries, this vaporizer keeps going as long as you have some extra batteries. Bluetooth and digital temperature control got you covered all day. Now in green. You’re going to get clean vapor with this one boys and girls. Davinci IQ even has app control for your smart phone 👌🏼



So there you have it, 12 BOMB vaporizers to choose from this holiday season. All warranties covered. And if you don’t know where to goooooooo…..now you know. 👉🏼 www.TheVapeLifeStore.com

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