February 21, 2018 7:57 am
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Pocket Sized Cloud V ‘Phantom’ Portable Vaporizer

The Phantom portable Vaporizer by Cloud V Enterprises. But, before we go there, we would like to go here: Do we sell Vaporizers at TheVapeLifeStore.com? Yes, but our business is built on integrity & hard work. We love Vaporizers, and want everybody in the World to own the best Vaporizers on the market. With that said, we want you to value our opinion. We choose what we wish to provide to our consumers, so we make sure to provide you with our honest opinions through experience. Now, the Phantom…

When I arrived at the Cloud V offices last week I was brought into the bosses office, and he pulled out a box, he said “try this”. I have seen a lot of vaporizers lately so the look of the box did not really shock me in any way. So, he loaded up this ‘Phantom’ with some marijuana. We chatted and talked about their new line of products, but I was kind of curious to see how this new dry herb vaporizer would perform. He told me I was going to really like the Phantom but I kind a looked at him like “does he know how many vaporizers I own?” To make a long story short I took my first hit, I couldn’t believe that right away I was able to get a robust strong hit, almost like smoke. I thought okay the temperature must be super high and it’s going to vape out real quick. Took another few pulls from the Phantom but to my amazement they were quite strong. I looked over to him and I said “what kind of weed is that?” I asked that question because going into my sixth and seventh pull I was still getting really strong robust hits, which was unusual. Especially for the size of the unit. The Phantom is smaller than most Dry Herb Vaporizers I’ve seen. This was probably the smallest true dry herb portable vaporizer, besides Magic Flight Launch Box, that I had ever used. Such a simple unit. Stainless steel chamber. Three clicks on, three clicks off. One temperature setting. And the temperature that it is set at seems to be just perfect. It’s crazy, because I know that when I’m vaporizing and I find the perfect temperature, the vapor will last forever, it seems. What’s funny is I usually ended up tapping out before the bowl was even done with this thing. Go Phantom.

Long story short, I left out of the Cloud V offices pretty excited about bringing you guys a review about this really small new portable vaporizer called the Phantom. Price seems right on this unit, it feels durable in your hand and it has great grip. They are in limited supply right now but we are sure to get more at the end of the month.

Let me tell you, if the Phantom Vaporizer was out four years ago, the whole spectrum of vaporizers on the market today would be completely different.

At this moment (September 2014) the Phantom retails for $119. Seems like a good deal for the quality of the vapor and the size. Again for the price and size I would say this is a very strong competitor and may raise the bar in vaporizing. I’m and sure there will be a variable voltage edition coming soon. But will it be as small?


Yes the Variable Voltage edition has arrived and it is called the Phantom “Premium”! With 3 heat settings low, medium and high. ALSO, now the Phantom Premiums comes in various colors! Green, Blue, Black, Red, Silver, Purple and White. Still only $129. Get yours HERE

Cloud V also said that they will have a water attachment coming out soon. Not sure how soon. You can purchase a Cloud V ‘Phantom’ from Authorized dealer, Click Here: The Phantom Vaporizer at The VapeLife Store (Authorized Dealer)

Here is a video review from the VapeLife Will Channel:

And a follow up video with a customer testimonial…

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  1. I cannot wait to get this baby. Feel a little like Aladdin and Jasmine with this one, “A whole new woorrlldd”


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