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Review: The Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer

Hey y’all, it’s your boy VapeLife giving you another awesome review of some of the best vaporizers in world right now. Today, we’re gonna take a look at the Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer. You may have heard of it. This is exactly what VapeLifers have been asking for. For about 4 years, ever since we started reviewing vaporizers, I’ve been asked to review a vaporizer that vaporizes dry herbs, but with a super small and super discrete design. This pen ACTUALLY does vaporize dry herbs. There hasn’t been any portable vaporizers with such a design in recent years. Although there have been pens that would vape essential oil, wax, bho & rosin, that kind of thing. But now, we have the Grasshopper Portable Vaporizer for marijuana. Or any dry herb. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Boom!


So, What is the Grasshopper Vaporizer?    

The Grasshopper Vaporizer is a dry herb vaporizer that actually CAN fit into your pockets. People would never be able to tell it’s a vaporizer. It looks like a pen and the Grasshopper fits wherever a pen would. You can just pull it out of your small pockets, put it on the table, and nobody would even know. And, we all like that kind of discretion.

In the past few months, I have been taking a break from the marijuana, mary jane, or cannabis if-you-will. The first few weeks were tough, but after that, everything went very smooth. Right now, I’m back on the VapeLife, and I’ll tell you straight up, this is the first vaporizer I’m vaping with after my ‘no more weed’ commitment.

This vaporizer works perfectly. But, it gets HOTTT. I like to use it, personally, with the Nexus Puck. I have a small puck, and I just put the Grasshopper on the male stem part of the puck, and just rip that ting. Yes, I said ting. Because, with this portable vaporizer, the heat elements are so close to the mouth piece that if you hit it to the mouth, the Grasshopper is going to be a little warm. No, a LOT warm. So, I like the diffusion and coolness with the water. You need to use the Grasshopper with a glass piece at this juncture. It will be so hot, that the Grasshopper will be hard to touch when the session ends.

First, let me talk to you about the physical components, starting with the size of the vaporizer. If we compare this vaporizer with a pen, you can actually see that it IS as small as a pen. If, only millimeters bigger. Millimeters!

grasshopper vaporizer

The Grasshopper is a very simple vaporizer. I can’t express that enough. It is extremely well thought out, though. It is only composed of the battery portion, on/off switch and the heat chamber. On the front, it has a silicon piece that you can use to create a suction when you are using it with a glass bong or a glass piece. The chamber is very simple. Middle portion is the battery compartment. It comes with a magnetic charger that is just super cool, with a slick fit around the ‘push’ part of the pen. 2 batteries, so you can’t go wrong. One downside though, is that the battery only last for 1-3 hits ( hit = session ). But, most of the time, that is more than enough.


The Grasshopper vaporizer comes in Titanium and Stainless Steel. Hopper Labs also has different colors. I’d recommend the Stainless Steel because it does hold heat a little better as I have learned from buying camping equipment. Titanium usually cools down very quickly. But if you like to keep your vaporizer cooled, then maybe go with the Titanium one. At the top of the vaporizer you’ll find the temperature dial. It has 5 temperature settings. Somewhere between 3 and 4 is my sweet spot. The heat dial is sensitive.


Now, Let’s load this baby!

Opening the Grasshopper is very easy. Just remove the cap of the chamber. Then, you take your finely ground herbs, and you fit it in without stuffing it in tight. Push it in, and as soon as you feel a little pressure, stop pushing the herbs. Do not push it until it is tight, push it in until it is full! Next, take the cap, and just gently screw it on. Everything is designed very well, and easy to open and close. Machining seems top notch.

To turn it on, you’ll have to click the on/off button at the top opposite of the mouthpiece. Once it is on, the light indicator turns red and then turns blue when it is ready. Usually, after a couple of seconds (about 4- 5 seconds ). Once blue, you’re ready to go! But as you know, with dry herbs, the warmer the herbs get, the stronger the hits get. So your first hit might not be that strong at first, but your second will be more robust, and so on. The Grasshopper also has an automatic battery saver feature that puts your device in save mode if you’re not using it. To turn it on again, you’ll have to turn it off first, and then turn it on again.

This vaporizer is an extraordinary piece of vape electronics. Very convenient, and not very expensive. One of our favorites at the The VapeLife Store. It is the best? Mmmm…not sure, that is up to you…but it is an impressive vaporizer for right now. It does give great vapor, it’s ready to go right away, and it’s the smallest weed vaporizer I have ever seen. The Grasshopper is definitely a beast.


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  1. I loved mine for about the first dozen or so times I used it. Then it failed. And kept failing. So I did a bit of research into the “red and blue lights of death” as they’ve become known, and apparently it’s not just me. One reseller told me they were stopping selling them because the failure rate was around 40%

    They say they will honour their warranty, but that means sending a used vape back, through customs, from outside of the States. I’m not happy with doing that. Would you be?

    Sorry. Great concept and aesthetic design, but totally flaky and unreliable in practice. I’d recommend looking elsewhere.

  2. This company is so jacked up its unreal. I ordered one as a gift in early December as a present the ship date said December 23rd so I told the person their present may be a little late. Early January I emailed them to let me know why the hold up and the customer service was very short and almost seemed irritated that i even asked about the ship date. Trying to be nice at that point when I was extremely irritated I told them that I was mostly frustrated because it was a gift and that I received no heads up about the delay. They again emailed me again doing nothing but, “Assuring its Quality” and that its worth the wait and again leaving a short smart remark back which again did not include any information that I wanted about my order. I left it alone and waited again patiently for an order I should have already received. It is now January 24th. Still no Grasshopper still no information and they sent me an advertisement two days ago too purchase a Grasshopper. I was so furious because I honestly even forgot about the order since it is a gift. I rechecked my order information go figure the order is still In Progress and has not shipped I emailed them that day upon this realization and have yet to receive a reply. The hassle of getting this product is not worth the quality of it. I would never recommend this company to anyone and if you are thinking of getting one save yourself the trouble and buy a PAX or something along those lines.

  3. I am interested but my series 7 has been so good and after over a year the first replacement was very quick easy and free. Also the built in battery can serve for days and up to 440…it is pretty high but as a stoner I end up there soon.

    • Serious 7 is cra compared to the hopper I own both. The hopper is meant to act as a replacement for a bowl. So smokers who want to switch to vaping get a very similar experience rather than the weak and wispy coulds of vapor alot of portables give you

  4. 6 months? Dang, I very only been waiting 2 months.I need it Now 🙁
    So if there telling me a November delivery date I………shouldn’t hold my breath?

    One would think you could whip these out. If you hire more help you sell more product……..No?

    Hey Mark 👆👆did your Grasshopper come yet??

  5. Hi I bought a Grasshopper straight from the manufacturers Grasshopper Labs and I’ve been waiting now over 6 months is this normal can anybody tell me if they have bought one and received one and what time it took? I am becoming quite worried now and starting to believe I made the wrong choice .m.ains

    • They will get them out as soon as they can. They are doing great. Good company trying their best. VL

      • He’s right. They’re doing the best they can. This device is ahead of its time and the creators are overseeing everything, the manufacturing warranty requests everything. So the time spend waiting and sending it in is worth it. I stuck it out and it’s my favorite and most used vape. I’m sure most of you who held onto their hoppers know this already-

      • Hey asshole, why don’t you use it for more than a day and post a real review instead of using it once then raving about how great it is.

        Tired of these pathetic losers who think they know how to review a vape.

        FUCK YOU

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