February 21, 2018 7:39 am
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Review: Cloud Vaporizer Pen by Cloud V

Once again, I’m back again to do a review. A bit of a clean up review of my last Cloud Vape Pen review. During the Kush Expo LA last year, one of the booths caught my attention. No, it wasn’t just the cute girls and free meds, it was the attention grabbing little Vaporizer Pen named ‘Cloud’. Smallest essential oil Vape pen I have seen yet.

Although at first, Cloud stated that these units do not need cartridges, I have found they do. They are just smaller. Hits good. Priced fair.

The Cloud V is one of the First Mini Vaporizer Pens. And at first, I didn’t really give it the chance it deserves…they made some great changes I’m glad I’m seeing, I can honestly say the Cloud has become a reliable piece of hardware. Many people would agree too. Just go onto Instagram, Facebook or even Twitter and you will surely see the popularity of the Cloud.

One by One Cloud has managed to win award after award. It’s truly amazing. No other Vaporizer has ever won as many awards as Cloud. 5 TIME High Times Cannabis Cup winner!

If you want your money’s worth and great customer service, so far the people at Cloud have not let me down. They have worked with me and made sure our customers at The VapeLife Store are taken care of. If your battery dies, a lifetime warranty on the battery is sure to help you make the right purchase.

Purple Cloud Vaporizer
Purple Cloud Vaporizer

My Experience With The Cloud Vaporizer

I have been having a great time with my Cloud vaporizer. The Vape has served me very well. Reliable. That is a huge positive over here. VapeLifers know we are all about quality.

One of my favorite features of the Cloud is it’s ergonomics. It’s shaped very nice and small, hits very well and fits comfortably in your mouth. Believe, it’s important!

Cloud also had a change in ownership. Now Cloud V competes with their ex partner over at Cloud Vape Penz. Cloud V claims to have a lawsuit in the works against the latter for using the name ‘Cloud’. It’s all a bit confusing and weird but hey, C’est la vie.

So many people all over the social media networks are going crazy over this Vaporizer. The original mini Vaporizer pen…

Mix and match colors. Add stickers or slaps to your Cloud Portable Vape

They now sell MANY different atomizers, such as the Tornado, Lightning and now….The CERAMIC Tornado!

In this video I take you back to one of my favorite spots to chill and workout in LA, Griffith Park. There is so much to see at Griffith Park, I just love to work out there. The scenery is breath taking. A great place to clear your mind.

If you are in the market for a nice new Vaporizer pen, do not hesitate to pick up a Cloud.

We are happy to be selling the Cloud at The VapeLife Store, if you would like one, The VapeLife Store has amazing prices and customer service.  Click Here

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  1. Hope I get my hands on these nice vapes one day. #vapelife !

  2. Have you tried Cloud Penz 2.0? I know that theres a dilemma between which one is the legit one and which ones the copy. If you did a vid on comparing Cloud V and Cloud Penz 2.0, it would be (Borat Voice) “very nice”.

  3. Looks sick might pick on up

  4. I have a cloud v original vape pen and I love it. Hits like a champ, small, reliable, good battery life. Is that new ceramic atomizer really where it’s at? also what kind of attachments do you speak of that can go on this thing?? This pen has revolutionized the way I blaze. Now I just need a more steady oil connect lol.

    • I love how small it is, and the fact of how it’s designed. Very hard to distinguish from other cape pens, so it’s great out in public! I’m looking forward to the arizer solo for my next vaporizer.

  5. Looks good, may have to try one sometime.

  6. I have always wanted one I just can’t decide between gpen or cloud pen!!! VLB

  7. Can’t wait to try one if these.

  8. Shout out to VapeLife Will!! Dope review man , much love from the Northwest!

  9. Great review man! Keep it up! Really been looking into the cloud vapes for a while. I really like all the colors and variations they have! Cant wait to purchase, just need to save up a little more!!!

  10. I have been looking for a new vape pen. I might look into cloud I’ve seen them around a bit.

  11. I’m looking into getting a new vape! This looks dope!

  12. Definitely one of my favorite purchases I have made! Lost my first one and had to get another. Hits great and love the variety of attachments that are available for the pens. Looking forward to getting the new ceramic atomizer soon.

  13. This pen is awesome! I wish I could try this out!

  14. Great micro pen and keep up the good work

  15. I have tried one of these and I love it. Definitely am thinking of purchasing one of these vapes in the future as it is very discrete and looks the part.

  16. I need one of these!

  17. I love my cloud pen, but cleaning it is a beezy. Not to mention my atomizer broke on me. Somehow the wax got way too oozy in there and when I went to pull it out and clean it, well boom. I’m looking forward to getting a new atomizer, and the lightening doesn’t sound too bad. So is the new cloud pen better? And how?

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