February 21, 2018 7:42 am
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Cloud, Source, & Vaped New Vape Pen Gear & Accessories

Vaporizers, batteries, attachments, atomizers, all kinds of different toys to play with when it comes to the VapeLife. Right now the market moves so fast it seems like there’s a new coil and attachment every other week for your 510 Vape Pen batteries. Over at TheVapeLifeStore.com we take pride in not only having some of the best Vaporizers and Vape …

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‘Tornado’ Atomizer for Cloud Vaporizer Pen • Review

Every now and then changes occur. Cloud V has made yet another atomizer for their World Famous Cloud Pen Vaporizer. This atomizer has a funneled ceramic bowl, it’s great. We also like the fact the coil is pretty close to the bottom of the bowl as well. The Tornado is the premium atomizer from Cloud, followed closely by the ‘Lightning’ …

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The Vaped Glass Globes Attachment Kit by the Vaped Brand

An atomizer for portable pen style vaporizers that is made for concentrates & essential oils. Not all vaporizers are the exact same on the inside and outside. A perfect example of this statement is the Glass Globe Attachment Kit that goes perfectly with the Micro Vaped Kits currently sold at TheVapeLifeStore.com Every use is a unique experience visually and physically. However, …

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