September 21, 2017 7:49 pm
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The Herbalizer Vaporizer Session Demo

Let’s take a moment for this small chronic break.

Often compared to the Volcano vaporizer this is the Herbalizer…

Here we will have a nice little Vape session with the Herbalizer desk-top vaporizer. Amazing vapor quality no matter what amount you use.

Every-time I use this vaporizer it is NEVER a dull experience. Never skipping a beat, it all comes down to what you put inside the Herbalizer. In this video I am using a sativa by the name of xj-13. We are legal cannabis patients here in California so we are without a doubt going to continue to use this Vaporizer until a better one comes out. Does that sound snobby? Regardless, this unit will be tough to beat.

How to buy a Herbalizer? Simple, follow this link:

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