February 21, 2018 7:55 am
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the plenty
the plenty

The Plenty Vaporizer By Storz & Bickel. Review & Demo By Vapelife Will

Now don’t be alarmed when you see the Plenty Vaporizer before your eyes.

I know, I know, I know, it looks like a Tool straight out of the garage but rest assured when Grandma comes knocking and catches you sucking on this rather large orange and black Mechanical device, you will easily be able to explain it off. 😉

The Plenty does exactly what it says and gives a heck of a lot of Vapor, but at what cost? The cost of a lot of herb apparently. In the name of efficiency this Vaporizer may not take the cake but if you are with a bunch a friends and you want everybody to get their ‘fair dose’, the Plenty Vaporizer will definitely do the trick for you.

Made by the same company that makes the most popular Vaporizer in the World, ‘The Volcano’… The Plenty is a nice follow up.

Coming in at around $350 the budget is a little high considering the Vaporizer market is getting more and more competitive.

Here is a a video showing the Plenty in all it’s glory as well as ‘in use’, Enjoy!

The Vaporizer Hunter.

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