February 21, 2018 7:48 am
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The Vaped Glass Globes Attachment Kit by the Vaped Brand

An atomizer for portable pen style vaporizers that is made for concentrates & essential oils.

Not all vaporizers are the exact same on the inside and outside. A perfect example of this statement is the Glass Globe Attachment Kit that goes perfectly with the Micro Vaped Kits currently sold at TheVapeLifeStore.com

Every use is a unique experience visually and physically. However, even though The Glass Globe’s with Micro Vaped Kit combination is personally one of the best in its class, there are knock-offs but the one thing we can count on is that the Vaped brand will always be ahead of the curve.
If you ever have your friends over and would like to show them a neat party trick, you can always whip out your new Vaped Glass Globe, and watch their faces as they see the Vapor flowing through the glass. Fun!
Vaped, the company that manufactures and distributes the vaporizers and its accessories will be the ones to make improvements to the product as time progresses. The glass globe kit comes with 4 atomizers and a glass globe. The glass globe is not only great for holding the excess vapor for a second hit, but the globe is great to watch while it fills up with vapor, for the curiosity in us all. The Micro Vaped Vaporizer isn’t just one of the best pen style portable vaporizers ever for no reason. The Micro Vaped Vaporizer fits 510 Threaded Batteries sold at TheVapeLifeStore.com
With this said, the glass globe vaporizer has proven itself to be a worthy competitor at the Cannabis Cup this year placing Second for Best New Product! We at VLS are proud AUTHORIZED sellers of the Vaped Vaporizers & accessories and are happy to share it with you at competitive prices. Authenticity, quality and overall customer satisfaction are our goal 🙂
Check out the Glass Globes & Micro Vaped Vaporizer and accessories here at TheVapeLifeStore.com
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