VapeLife's Biggest Hits: Best Portable Vaporizers

Mighty Vaporizer Digital Readout

Mighty Vaporizer

VapeRating: 95/100

"Thick, dense, tasty, clean, strong, and surprisingly cool vapor. Surprisingly cool, I tell you."

cloudv phantom

Cloud V Phantom

VapeRating: 93/100

"Let me tell you, if the Phantom Vaporizer was out four years ago, the whole spectrum of vaporizers on the market today would be completely different."

arizer air

Arizer Air

VapeRating: 94/100

"The Arizer Air. A breath of fresh Air."


Davinci Ascent

"Stylistically, the Ascent is damn nice."

VapeLife's Biggest Hits: Best Desktop Vaporizers

VapeXhale Cloud Evo

Vapexhale Cloud EVO

VapeRating: 91/100

"With a sleek ergonomic body and lightweight design this home vaporizer is sure to be quite popular amongst Puritans."

the herbalizer

The Herbalizer

VapeRating: 93/100

"By the end of my session it was clear……I HAD BEEN HERBALIZED"

the plenty

The Plenty

VapeRating: 94/100

"The Arizer Air. A breath of fresh Air."

VapeLife's Biggest Hits: Best Oil Vaporizers

Cloud Vape Pen

Cloud Vaporizer Pen

VapeRating: 91/100

"One by One Cloud has managed to win award after award. It’s truly amazing. No other Vaporizer has ever won as many awards as Cloud. 5 TIME High Times Cannabis Cup winner!"