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the herbalizer
the herbalizer

Review: The Herbalizer Vaporizer

The Herbalizer Vaporizer Review

The Herbalizer Vaporizer is definitely a luxury Vaporizer. Amazing vapor quality that you’ll experience with every pull. For use with all of your dry herb blends, weed & concentrated oils. The Herbalizer does it all. With ease.

“Designed by ex-NASA engineers,” “Made in the USA”. Two phrases you might hear when the Herbalizer Vaporizer is mentioned. There is no doubt you can see that the Herbalizer Vaporizer is a well-thought-out unit.  The Herbalizer does, however, have a couple of downsides but nothing that should deter you from purchasing the Boss Vape. Like most new vaporizers there is small room for improvement with the Herbalizer. The design is quite compact for a desktop Vaporizer. The egg-shaped device measures about a foot long, weighs under two pounds, and is completely self contained. The main controls and materials chamber sit under the flip-up lid.  The whip wraps around the outer edge of the device.  Lastly, the other miscellaneous tools (chamber brush, stash box, aromatherapy disks, card herb grater, and essential oil storage) are held in the upper level of the lid.  Everything you need to use the Herbalizer is in one easy to reach place. The heating element is incredibly fast (jumping from room temperature to 435 degrees in a matter of seconds – a far jump from other Vaporizers out today) and the fan is both powerful and, for the most part, quiet.

The craftsmanship & construction quality of the Herbalizer Vaporizer may leave many wondering why the price is so high while the lid feels a tad frail. Straight out of the box and the first thing you notice is – you will be given a whole bunch of accessories and balloons for your spiffy new vape. And while the fan, heating element & inner parts are top notch the body feels like if you knock it over you might need a new bumper for your new go to Vaporizer. But with that being said, ours has taken a few hits & we haven’t had a crack or anything wrong with the software what-so-ever. The lid is made of a plastic that may seem common in many household items, the accessory storage section also may fall open from time to time if you are not used to handling the new Vaporizer. Also, the color LCD screen is super sick but may flicker from time to time, but that is normal. We may be reaching when it comes to the negatives on this unit, but we want to be as fair as possible. Next, Once you turn the unit on, you will notice that the computer chip inside the Herbalizer is very advanced, taking many commands and even has a few surprises. Easter eggs? The Herbalizer Vaporizer is so great straight out-of-the-box that I can guarantee you once you get your hands on a new Herbalizer Vaporizer you probably won’t go for your second and third draft picks very often. The Herbalizer is a fantastic Vaporizer for someone who wants a Vaporizer to rely on day in and day out. So, if you want the best ladies and gentleman, here it is.  Treat the Herbalizer Vaporizer right, and it will definitely give back, in return.

My Herbalizer Vaporizer Experience

When I first opened up my unit and set it up (plugged it in) I quickly realized how simple of a device the Herbalizer was to use. Only a few buttons, most importantly, the only 2 you need to worry about are the ‘Aromatherapy’ & ‘Vaportherapy’ buttons asking you what you wish to do upon opening the Herbalizer. Most will be headed straight for the ‘Vaportherapy’ button as I did. Plugged it in, opened it up and hit the button. From there I loaded my favorite marijuana inside. About .3g. Hit the fan button and began pulling through the whip. The Herbalizer has a bag option as well but I opted for the whip this time.

By the end of my session it was clear……I HAD BEEN HERBALIZED

Since I got my Herbalizer I have not wanted to use any other Vaporizers, and why would I? The efficiency on the Herbalizer is absolutely amazing. World class. With every pull on this unit I was amazed how there was no irritation on my throat what-so-ever. Hard to come by with Vaporizers today. The heating is so accurate it never gets to within 5 degree off the target heat setting. That is why you are able to vape up almost every spectrum available in herbs like cannabis. Truly medical grade. I use my Herbalizer every day. If only we can get the herbalizer into the hands of a popular musician like Wiz Khalifa, the world would better see just how amazing this Vaporizer really is!

What does it take to be the best desk-top Vaporizer?

One thing that does feel a little cheap is the hood, but I was assured by Herbalizer they have my back and not to worry about the hood because it is what is under the hood that makes this vaporizer special. The heating technology is like nothing before it – with halogen light bulbs heating the chamber to a precise heat INSTANTLY. No more waiting for your vaporizer to heat up.

The balloon feature is super easy too. The 4 balloons that come with the Herbalizer are really neat because they are a simple rubber design that is closed, but if you press it in, the lip opens up and you can pull the vapor. Amazingly easy. Balloon vaping is a pure joy with friends. Everybody will get a kick out of it and be able to vape at their own speed.

All in all, the Herbalizer is a Vaping beast and we know we will be using it daily. No real complaints yet besides the fact that you want to keep using it over and over, due to the coolness factor of the Herbalizer. Expensive, but if you want good old American made technology you will have to pay for it. Maybe one day we can hope for the price to come down but until then, the best has a price.

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  3. Dope review! , that nice sleek smooth design makes this one of a kind herbalizer vaporizer stand out. #vapelifebaby

  4. Looks way better than the volcano but it’s really expensive.

  5. Yea it is the best but only thing that sucks is the price. You do get what you pay for in the long run.

  6. I bought the plenty because of subscribing to your YouTube channel. All of your videos are very informative. I wish I had the herbalizer to test out. Got to save up for that one. Combustion…….what’s that? Vapelifebaby!

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